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Another good day’s work

Another great day for working with the weather being so conducive I’m having a hard time believing it. After decades in Scotland where the weather has an inate perversity and invariably ends up doing the exact opposite to what you’re hoping and praying it will, this is a rare treat.

There should be a photo, but the camera’s run out of batteries and the spares are flat (??? I’m sure I charged them before we left), but the yurt platform is now noggined! Thanks for the advice Rick. They make all the difference. Just a couple more to fit in the morning.

Undersides of all the floorboards are all oiled and so am I. Caught the floorboards just in time. They’d been stacked one on top of each other to keep them flat, but in common with the speed that everything else grows in this climate, so does mould. The sawdust still coating the green timber boards was providing a fertile breeding ground for mildew as the boards sweated in the heat, so some of our flooring will have a slightly spalted look to it.

So we’re almost ready to go with laying the floor.

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  1. Sarah July 3, 2009

    hi wendy whats your email address so i can forward some pics of today?

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