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Yurt platform structure complete … well almost

Another good day. Starting at 6.30am, constructed the last pillar of tyres, completed the drainage ditch round the circumference, shifted all the main beams into place (thanks to Pete and Pavlik for giving us a hand with those) with plastic sheeting between tyres and wood to provide a moisture barrier, put first coat of petrol/used engine oil mix on remaining beams and second coat of undiluted engine oil on them all, and cut noggins from our stack off offcuts from the woodyard.

All that’s left now to complete the basic structure is to fix the noggins in place and engine-oil the undersides of the flooring, then we’ll be ready to start laying the floor. Could we get it finished before we have to leave again at the weekend? Maybe. Just maybe.

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  1. Sarah June 30, 2009

    well done wendy……benfeita!!!

  2. sophie July 1, 2009

    well done. it looks great! will try to come and give you a hand tomorrow (if my killer headache has gone by then).

  3. michelle July 2, 2009

    Well done that Lass !And helpers.
    Its seems like all has gone to plan then on this trip.Hopefully see you over the summer.

  4. marte January 9, 2012

    Hi guys,

    was wondering what type of wood you used for your floor. Taken a similar project on in La Rioja, spainland, this spring.
    Lovely job

  5. Quinta do Vale January 9, 2012

    It’s Maritime pine which is in plentiful supply being as it’s what’s growing all around us. Joists were 100x200mm, planking 175mm width by 25mm depth. Laying the floor with green timber wasn’t ideal (although I had no option at the time) as the gaps between floorboards now the wood is thoroughly seasoned are larger than I’d prefer, but it’s liveable with. The used engine oil preservative we used on the joists and underside of the floorboards has been great. There is no sign of rot or insect damage and not even the spiders want to build webs under there. The linseed oil treatment on the upper surface of the boards could probably do with renewing now, but it’s not going to happen while we’re still living in the yurt. The platform is still as stable as when it was built 2 years ago, so there doesn’t appear to have been any noticeable settlement in the earth-packed tyres. I’m pretty pleased with it.

    I would, however, build it a bit differently if I was doing it again. I’d put the joists at 800mm centres rather than 1000mm, and construct a more solid ‘ring beam’ type arrangement round the periphery before fixing the planking rather than during!

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