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The final move!

We’ve just returned from a brief and FINAL trip to Scotland to pack up the remainder of our belongings and collect the rest of the family. So this is it! We’re finally here! It feels good. Long overdue, in fact. Now to the serious work of creating the infrastructure to support our life here …

The cats survey their new domain. They’re loving it, though are still wearing their Scottish winter coats so we’re anticipating a fur carpet in the yurt before too long …

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  1. Quinta do Vale May 19, 2010

    Two cats are quite enough, thanks! They’ve already dug their own composting toilet in my celery bed (everything was so overgrown when we got back – it was the only visible soil), so No! No! No!

  2. sophie May 19, 2010

    Beautiful photo! Do you think they’d like a little ginger baby (or 3) to play with? lol

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