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Oonagh misses Pepe

Oonagh and Pepe

Oonagh and Pepe on the quinta

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  1. Pepe April 20, 2010

    Woof woof! I went swimming yesterday, it was very wet and cold! I was chasing a squirrel, i haven’t caught one yet but I’m still trying. Woof…missing you too….living in a house is boring but the humans do their best and I have a squeaky ball to chase. Woof woof. Pepe

  2. Oonagh April 20, 2010

    Hey Peps. I’ll Try Speak In Dog A Little Bit.. This Is What I Have Been Up To.. Woof. Bark. Grrr. Gub gub. Hooooowl. Awoowoowoowoowoo. For Your Humans: I Have Not Done Anything! WOO! Mum Has Planted A Whole Bunch Of Stuff. How Are You Liking Scotland. SWIMMING? SCOTLAND? Wow! Cold? Maybe We Can Visit You When We Are Back In Scotland Next Week?! Good Luck In Catching That Squirrel. Oonagh x

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