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Hydropower progress

The water wheel is now installed in the barroco, along with the framework for the permanent magnet generator. Next stage is to construct the chute to deliver the water to the wheel, measure the flow rate and to have the appropriate gear wheel machined.

Water wheel

Battery house is almost complete. The 3 tonnes of schist stone facing the building have a layer of insulation between them and the concrete blocks inside. The roof is also insulated and has a massive slab of concrete on top (it will eventually form part of a schist-paved area in front of the building). As a result, the interior of the building keeps a nice steady cool temperature, meaning the batteries will neither overheat in summer or become too cool in winter.

Battery house

Battery house

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  1. Helge A.Hanssen September 4, 2012

    I am looking for this watherwheel on the market and wonder where you bay this wheel. Or you make it by your selves? Please guide me to the maker. What size have the wheel?


    Helge A.Hanssen

  2. Quinta do Vale September 4, 2012

    Hello Helge. The wheel was designed and hand-made by a neighbour in our village. It’s not available on the market. It’s 1m in diameter.

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