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All fired up

Christmas Eve. Seems a good time to get the stove finally in and working. I’d forgotten just how good this little stove is, and it draws to perfection with 3 lengths of 110mm flue pipe. At this rate I should have the yurt warm and dry and fit to move into within a reasonable time. Always providing I can source the firewood …

Called in at the local woodyard last week. It seems the wood pellet factory near Oliveira do Hospital is taking everything they can give them, so in an area completely surrounded by pine forest it’s a problem for local people to get firewood unless they’ve either got their own woodland or have ordered in advance from the woodyard by August. This happened last January too. Sign of the times …?

Stove installed

Stove installed in yurt

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  1. michelle December 26, 2009

    good to see smoke coming from the crown Wendy..progress

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