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Welcome to our first volunteers

Thanks to Matt and Kirsten over at Quinta das Abelhas lending us their beautiful Dodge truck conversion when our prospective caravan fell through, we’ve been able to welcome our first volunteers to the quinta. Helen and Pepe joined us 5 days ago from a long stay at Quinta das Abelhas and have already made a huge difference to the amount of work we’ve been able to get done.

The Dodge

The Dodge

Huge differences to the amount of work really are huge differences at this stage where so much has to be done just to maintain a basic level of comfort. The day’s firewood, for instance, all has to be sawn in two by hand. The standard block length in the firewood we bought is all too large for the stove. And we don’t have any power tools on account of having no power.

Pepe isn’t too handy with a saw or a pair of secateurs, but she’s very good at being a guard dog. A very warm welcome to both!



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  1. Paul February 2, 2010

    He hee….well need to try the ‘clicker’ training with Pepe then she might carry the cut logs to your wood pile! but only if she got no good sniffing an explorin to do..she a madam….ha …..hope it going well, an say hello to Helen from me…best wishes from Paul..x

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