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Pond expansion

As mentioned at the end of the recent post on the ponds, I wanted to make the top pond larger and deeper to provide more variety in aquatic environment and a larger area of water around and in which to grow. It’s now twice the size it was, with an area twice the depth.


Today I transplanted two young fig trees to positions either side of the ponds. They should thrive there and grow really fast with year-round moisture in the soil, eventually shading the ponds through the heat of the summer and giving us a plentiful supply of fruit. There were no fig trees on the quinta when we came here, so this was something to be remedied at an early stage in the planting schedule.




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  1. Luise December 1, 2011

    You might want to hang a net over your ponds later when the fig trees bear… I saw some fig trees this year with vile-smelling fig-ferment ponds under them…

  2. Quinta do Vale December 1, 2011

    Good point! The quinces from the nearby tree already fall in, but they don’t smell. Perhaps a small fishing net would be simpler … :-)

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