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Log store progress

I was hoping to have shots of the progress on the second log shed that would show us much further on by now, but as usual we’re waiting on deliveries of more materials. Promised Monday and as of today (Wednesday), still not here. Sigh!

Retaining walls for the second level of the log store

And yes, we’re still waiting on the delivery of stone to finish the roof, and STILL waiting on the previous owner removing his stuff from the downstairs room of the smaller of the two buildings on the quinta …

The Portuguese are lovely people, but they do seem to have this habit of telling you what they think you want to hear rather than an accurate reflection of the situation under discussion. It was very nice to hear that my sand and cement were going to arrive on Monday when I ordered them on Friday, but if there wasn’t a hope of them turning up on that day I’d far rather have been told so at the time. Waiting isn’t so much of a problem. It goes with the territory. It’s disappointed expectations that provoke the frustration. Hrrummmph …

It’s been an interesting experience dealing with continual delays we’ve experienced this summer with the building. While on the one hand it’s been very frustrating, especially while neighbours’ and friends’ dwellings undergo transformations from ruins to habitable homes in the space of about 6 weeks under the hands of the local builders, it’s also made space for the buildings to evolve organically at their own pace in their own special way. Having the time to sit and ponder various options for layout, practicalities, materials and aesthetics has resulted in a much more useful, beautiful and efficient end result, and one which continues to evolve as we build.

Anyway, with the sand and cement we had left onsite, we were at least able to build the retaining walls for the slab for the second level of the main log store.

The second level of the log store takes shape

Retaining walls for the second level

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