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Log store number 2

Having put the finishing touches to log store number 1 yesterday, today we got started on another one!

With all our heating and cooking to be fueled by timber from our woods, one thing we can’t have enough of is space to store firewood and keep it well aired and dry, so part of the renovations to the two buildings on the quinta include provision for a decent amount of log storage adjacent to each.

The log store for the larger of the two buildings will be readily accessible from both the kitchen and living room and will form one side of an external cooking and eating area, giving this space some privacy from the overlooking access road and shelter from the north winds. By the time it’s finished, it will be mostly underground, so much as I dislike using cement unless I really have to, in this instance it’s the material for the job as the walls will be supporting a considerable tonnage of backfill as well as a walk-over roof.

Today we laid the slab for the upper level of the log store which, at a rough guess, will hold about 8m³ of firewood.

Chris and Michael mix cement for the log store slab

Chris and Michael mix cement

Wayne lays the slab

Wayne lays the slab

Part done, with rebar in place for wall columns

Part done, with rebar in place for wall columns

First level complete

First level complete

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