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Yurt platform progress

We’ve been dead lucky with the cooler weather. Though today went a bit far and I ended up working in waterproofs. Hey ho, just another Scottish summer …

Yurt platform foundations

It’s meant I can put in a full day’s work rather than just morning and evening, though today was market day in Arganil so I was going to have to stop work anyway, rain or no.

It’s been up at 6.30am and working through to about 7pm. The muscles are moaning a bit, but much less than expected for a body that’s been sat in front of a computer for most of the last 5 years. It feels incredibly good to get stuck into physical work in this way, despite all the aches and bruises and bramble scatches.

As a result the yurt platform is beginning to take shape. The digging to clear a flat(ish) area and provide enough soil to fill the tyres is finished and the first row of tyres stuffed with compacted earth. The soil is so good on this terrace it’s almost a shame to use it in this way.

I also cleared the rock and terrace wall above where the yurt will be of brambles and bracken as this would have been much more difficult with the yurt in situ.

It's level

The level between each of the first row of tyres. Perfect!

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