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Yurt platform progress day … um, what day is it?

Yesterday was another reasonably cool day and I made great progress. Today has been warmer so worked from 6am to midday only and then took a break. Only 2 supporting pillars left to construct and two of the main beams in place. Drainage channel round the circumference partly complete.

So I was feeling pretty damn pleased with myself until I bumped into Rick at the river beach.

“What’s to stop the whole structure racking?” he asked.

I didn’t even know what that was. Evidently with nothing attaching the main beams to the pillars, there’s a possibility the whole structure could twist sideways. I have now been instructed in the use of noggins, and if for no other reason than that I love the name, I shall be installing said noggins.

Just how I haven’t quite got my noggin around yet, but you’ll hear about it here sooner or later.

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  1. sophie June 27, 2009

    it’s looking mighty impressive! would love to come over and help but – as usual – stupidly busy for the forseeable future. will defo come over to visit though if that’s ok – how long have we got until you leave? good luck with yer noggins! x

  2. Quinta do Vale June 28, 2009

    Saturday. We’re hoping to come over and visit you too! Aside from seeing you guys, would love to nose around your solar setup, and got to do the Ryanair boarding passes … Are you around tomorrow? Need to visit Supermaco for some plastic for a dpc and some right-angled somethings to attach the noggins with. Rick also suggested galvanised nails with the little barbs on to stop them pulling out again should the wood try to warp. Sigh … but he’s right of course.

  3. sophie June 28, 2009

    yeah, tomorrow’s fine, and we also need to go to supermaco. our village festa for sao joao is this afternoon if you want to come over for that and stay the night, not sure if we will go if it keeps raining tho … when u come, remind me that i want to quiz you about possible homeopathic remedies for high thyroxine!

  4. Quinta do Vale June 28, 2009

    That’s a great idea and very tempting, though I’m thinking we should stay here just in case it’s fine enough by tomorrow morning for me to put in a good 3-4 hours work on the last 2 pillars before coming over. It’s fair chucking it down here now and my waterproofs are all wet on the inside after I got water up my sleeve placing the statue behind the waterfall just a wee while ago.

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