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Yurt platform finished

The platform is now cut to size with stops at regular intervals to stop the walls from shifting. A heavy duty plastic strip has been attached right round the edge and folded up between the felt and inner canvas layers to stop rain being driven in. The outer canvas layer fits neatly over the edge of the platform, so the yurt should have no problems with rainwater coming in from the base.

Platform edge cut to size

Platform edge cut to size.

Steps were constructed from sawmill offcuts and offcuts from the platform floor.

Yurt platform steps

All that remains now is to fit the stove but we want to test out the Mongolian stove supplied with the yurt to see how well it performs and how much smoke escapes through its many air gaps before deciding whether to fit this one or the small Danish woodburner that we brought out from the UK. The lack of dampers on the Mongolian stove may decide us in favour of the Danish one.

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  1. michele September 26, 2009

    keeping busy….well done you three.

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