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Roof progress

Renovation work on the roof has been progressing. All the chestnut timbers have now been removed, cleaned, preserved and oiled and are ready to be put back on the roof, as is the timber boarding to go on top of them. Next will come 50mm of cork insulation followed by a breathable membrane, then the original schist slabs.

Old chestnut roof timbers after renovation

The chestnut timbers have a satisfyingly rich colour after being cleaned with a draw knife, treated with an ecological preservative and coated with linseed oil

Treating the woodwork

Ema and Chris treating the new timber. Behind Em is the cork insulation we’ll be using

Replacing beams

Michael and Tom puzzling out where the beams should go; Chris and Em painting

A welcome to visitors-cum-wwoofers Tom and Nelle from Belgium who are helping out when they’re not out looking for their own place.

And what is it with the menfolk on this quinta and teeth? Michael, Tom and Chris have all paid visits to the dentist in the last month for repairs and extractions. And different dentists for each, so we’re now acquainted with practices in Coja, Arganil and Oliveira do Hospital!

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