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Yesterday, while taking a trip up to Piódão, we happened across a couple of instances of fly-tipping. Not uncommon in Portugal. We’re quite into fly untipping, but the small diesel Opel Corsa we’d hired for this visit just wasn’t up for the idea of shoehorning 2 pallets into the back. At least, not without leaving one of the children behind, or incurring surcharges for reshaping the vehicle. A shame as these would have made a good 50% of a compost bin.

But we did manage to collect some broken kitchen and bathroom tiles from a heap unceremoniously dumped in a bramble patch off the edge of a precipitous drop somewhere near Monte Frio.

Cleaning up the countryside as well as recycling! Double Brownie points! Though I think I’ve just lost one for being gratuitously smug about it.

Meanwhile, Aonghas and Oonagh have been experimenting with mosaics for our yet-to-be-built solar shower.

Mosaic with broken tiles

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  1. sophie February 7, 2009

    that looks fantastic! x

  2. magnus June 15, 2010

    Love the mosaics!
    did you get solar shower built yet?
    ours is working, but a bit complicated. i am sure yours is better. lets compare notes

  3. Quinta do Vale June 16, 2010

    Nah. Yours is better without a shred of a doubt because yours is working and ours is still in my head. That’s the trouble with having a waterfall …

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