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Ok, so yes, it took me about a year to realize it but this place is eventually starting to feel like home. Looking over our land a few weeks ago when driving on our track I realized that this place isn’t just any old place but is OUR place.. (well mums place.. but I still live on it ). I’m staring to grow fond of it here and I was even working today *dramatic intake of breath* stripping bark off a tree. Can’t wait to get electricity though.. It will be even more homely.. :-) x

Oonagh de-barking pine tree

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  1. Rick March 12, 2010

    great, have you planted any of those seeds i gave you?

  2. sophie March 12, 2010

    yippee! got any blisters yet? xxx

  3. michelle March 13, 2010

    have you started some tomatoes for mr yet?!??

  4. Oonagh March 16, 2010

    No, No And No. xxxx

  5. Sue March 18, 2010

    RU guys coming back for a visit soon?
    Missing you in the frozen north!!

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