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Traditional agricultural knowledge and techniques have already created a productive environment of this quinta, even if it suffered a decade or two of neglect before we took it on. It remains for us to design in the gaps and avoid the places where tradition has lapsed into modern dependence on harmful chemicals. Or to change long-held beliefs and practices which have been found questionable in the light of evolving soil science.

We’re aiming for a fertile partnership between permaculture principles and the best of local knowledge. Our most notable deviation will be in practicing “no-till” methods as far as possible, aiming to restore the natural fertility and life in the soil by what we grow in it and spread on top of it, rather than what we dig into it, and following the examples of people like Masanobu Fukuoka and Sepp Holzer in their natural farming methods.

“I truly believe that as long as we have not found peace with the soil, we won’t find peace above the ground. That as long as we justify the exploitation of an organism, other exploitations will follow and we will remain parasites, consuming more than participating and spiralling into entropy until we commit mass suicide.”
Emilia Hazelip