Permaculturing in Portugal

One family's attempts to live in a more planet-friendly way


Our various projects are all interconnected of course, but they’ve been loosely categorised here for ease of reference. Each summary page describes what we’re hoping to do and where we are with it. More details can be found in the blog, and more day-to-day stuff on Facebook.

Nothing here is set in tablets of stone. It’s a work in progress which will continually adapt to changing circumstances, new information, detailed observations of the site, and how our lifestyle evolves.

“Slowly we are carving a new lifestyle. To some it might seem to be one that is looking backward, for it cherishes the homely, the rude, the unpackaged, the unmechanised, the careful. We do not think of it as a blind shutting out of any visions of the future, but rather, for us, the right way to face the future. The carving is not easy. It is often painful. But in it are the seeds of sanity, of joy.”
Mara Cary

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