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  • Are you increasingly concerned about our present environmental crisis?
  • Do you feel a strong desire to tread more lightly on the Earth and an urgency to help restore its damaged ecosystems?
  • Are you convinced one of the fundamental solutions is to learn to work with nature rather than against it?
  • Do you find all this talk about ‘sustainable’ living somehow dissatisfying because what the planet really needs is a regenerative approach?
  • Are you keen to learn what’s involved in transitioning to an off grid and regenerative lifestyle from the people who are already doing it?
  • Are you feeling overwhelmed by the number of things you need to learn about and have neither the time nor resources to take specialised courses in every single subject?
  • Are you looking for no-nonsense, practical instruction that’s aimed at preparing you for the day-to-day realities of an off-grid life and which can help you avoid expensive mistakes?
  • Are you interested in natural building, permaculture and robust low tech solutions to basic comforts and needs?
  • Do you enjoy brainstorming solutions to environmental problems with innovative and creative people who are walking their talk?

One of our short residential courses could be just what you’re looking for. Or learn in a different way by volunteering here, or even just visiting.

Courses in transitioning to regenerative living

Starting in 2018, Quinta do Vale was to have been opening its doors for short-stay residential immersion courses in various aspects off-grid and beyond-sustainable living, but the destruction of the accommodation to be used for these courses meant all plans had to be shelved.

Instead, we concentrated on camping-based courses for larger numbers of people and kicked off in 2019 with a 6-week programme of back-to-back courses through June and July. For 2020, the course programme extends from June until early October.

If volunteering isn’t for you for whatever reason, if you have the resources but not the time, if you’re keen to learn what’s involved in regenerating Earth’s ecosystems and living a more low impact life, our courses can provide you with a basic grounding in a comprehensive range of subjects and a solid foundation to build on.

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If you have the time but not the resources and are keen to trade hard work for knowledge, then you can stay here as a volunteer. You’ll be involved in all aspects of the running of the quinta and have the opportunity to learn by doing, observing and even helping out with the courses we run here.

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Whether you’re at the beginning of the road or already well on the way to an off grid life, visiting projects is a great way of picking up tips and hints and trading experiences.

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