There are a lot of Quinta do Vales in Portugal. There’s one in practically every valley. Some of them also practice permaculture and have a web presence, so it can be confusing.

It’s unusual to have two Quinta do Vales in the same valley though, so please note this quinta and website have nothing to do with the establishment recently advertising itself as ‘Quinta do Vale do Sandinho’ on WWOOF Portugal and Airbnb and possibly other sites I don’t know about. This quinta belongs to my English neighbours who, for reasons best known to themselves, decided to advertise their bed and breakfast business under the same name as this quinta, so we’ve had some very puzzled people applying to work here.

Some other places this is not …

Quinta do Vale near Miranda do Corvo run by Andreas and Lucas and advertised on HelpX and WWOOF Portugal.

Quinta do Vale da Camba near Tábua.

Quinta do Vale da Lama near Lagos in the Algarve.

Quinta do Vale do Carvalho near Tondela, listed in the Fellowship for Intentional Community directory.

Where to find us on the web

For clarity then, our web presence is limited to this website, HelpX, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter (rarely used because I can’t get my head around Twitter), Pinterest, YouTube, Google+ (never used) and the Worldwide Permaculture Network. That’s it. Anything else isn’t us.